Friday, October 31, 2008

Back 2 School

10 years ago, I was about half way thru my Education degree and I chose without regret to put it on hold and devote my everything into being a full time mom. Now that they are all a bit older and the timing felt right, as well as the feeling of needing to "being prepared" has intensified, I have returned to "college". I am taking on line classes at WGU to finish the last year and 1/2 of my Education degree. I am so very excited and motivated! But whoa it's a lot of work for a dusty brain. No, this is not a coloring page by my sweet four year old..Its my homework assignment of the life cyle of a frog..huh???

The Russell Rockers!

I have TRYING to get the kids to do some kind of cute group costume for Halloween. We could never come up with something that everyone could happily be. This year we thought three little pigs (the 3 girls) and the BIG BAD WOLF (Zane) would great! Well, little miss Tawni Lane said
"noooo way" when she checked out the pig nose. So, as you see we became a rock band..well not me "I am with the band". They were cute and had a lot of fun! Happy Halloween!

Moving back, barely intact~

We recently moved back from TX back to GA. Upon arrival, as we slowly raised the door on the Uhaul...this was the first thing I saw. My beloved beautiful front load washing machine shattered contorted & twisted did not survive the trip to say the least. I did not know if I should laugh or cry so I opted for both. I couldn't help but think if it as a symbol of the last 7 or 8 months. Its a long story but here's the jist! We absolutely loved TX!!!! Unfortunately the business deal turned out well, quite similar to my washing machine~we'll leave it at that. We know God has a plan and will guide us as we make it thru the spin cycle! We very much loved Texas, and were sad to leave so soon but of course are happy to be back "home" with our friends and family~

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ready...Set...Please don't go~

*View with track #3* I can't believe the time that has passed. I have truly done my best to cherish every moment. I am so proud of how brave and courageous they were at leaving all they've known in 30101 and exploring a new adventure in TX~River and Riley showing "5" for 5th grade, Zane "2" for second and Tawni Lane "here goes the adventures of Pre-K"--(Our Traditional pose for the first day of school)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

San Antonio River Walk

San Antonio on the River walk is super cool place! It's a lively happening town with lots to see, do, eat, shop, and all with the River flowing right in the center of everything. We had the worlds fastest melting ice cream cones here. I guess 103 degrees and ice cream are not a good mesh. Whats up with the smooching couple in the back?

River's first Acrotex Meet

You've come along way baby! Rivers first Acrotex meet in San Antonio, TX. 1st in bars, 4th on floor, 5th on Vault and 2nd place ALL AROUND. She has worked hard all Summer ~ leaving her gym family in Atlanta and trying to be a part of a new team hasn't been easy ~But she has gained great skill, determination, endurance, teamwork and just plain FUN~ Way to go River!

Our "Utards"

Its a blonde... its a red-head... its a burnette... NO~its my Meg!
Meg and Stefano! Thanks for
being the joy of our Summer: our personal chef boy o-stefano, late nights, endless laughs, endless laughs, endless laughs! MOMMA SAYS...please come back-
Back to Utah they go....

Georgetown Eagles!

Zane, who knew he had it in him. What a stud on the football field!
He LOVES it and just found his element! They practice for two hours in over 100 degree HOT TEXAS heat and never a complaint...GO EAGLES!

The Gagnon's Visit to TX

My sis and her family came to visit for a week and IT WAS NOT LONG ENOUGH! We did manage to go on a cave exploration, mine for gems, float down the Guadulupe River, shop, swim, dinner, movies, bike/run and just enjoy! The Gagon Family ROCKS!!!

The state capital building in Austin. It's such a cool town. We love it!Neat shops cool people and tons to do!

MeMe and Papa's Visit to TX

Tim's parents "MeMe and Papa" came to visit the beginning of Summer. They stayed a week. We showed them around TX and they helped us around the house and yard. Tims dad cut his leg on a chain saw and had to get more stitches than I cared to count. Then, they took all four of the our kids back to GA for month! They are the best!


Tawni Lane and our pal from Utah, Stefano, having a dance off- I don' think I have ever laughed so hard! Tawni came over to me and whispered "can you believe he stole one of my moves...but that's ok because I stole one of his too."

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can I have s'more please???

We surprised the kids by making a fire pit in our backyard. This is one of their favorite things to do! Was it just me or were those THE BEST S'mores ever????

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cousin Fun

McKenna, River, Riley and Addison cutting loose at Jenny and Ben's awesome reception. We are so GLAD we got to go. (It was our first visit back since moving to Texas in March.) It was great to see our family and celebrate!

Monday, March 31, 2008

San Gabriel Park

This is one of the many parks around, but our favorite. Its really pretty and great for fishing, hiking, biking, going on a picnic or just feeding the ducks - watch those ducks though, the took over our picnic last time!